Growth Planning Framework

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Four Challenges

The biggest challenges in the company right now

About this Framework

The Framework “Four Challenges” provides an overview of four lasting challenges of any business. These challenges are the four corner stones of building and growing a business. Every business has a challenge in creating an attractive business concept, in establishing a strong organization, in building lasting customer relations, and in maintaining profitable operations.

A key point of this Framework is that any business has these four challenges no matter which industry you are in (e.g. fashion, food, or high-tech). You also have them no matter what life stage your business is in (pre-startup to high-growth), and you have them regardless of whether you are a one person company or a one hundred employee business.

Topics for Discussion

  • Within which of the four areas do you think you have the biggest challenges at the moment?
  •  Have you been spending more time working in one area than in others?
  • In which areas do you feel your business is going well at the moment?
  • Is one of the areas stopping you from moving forward in another area?
  • What strengths and weaknesses do the team members’ have within the four work areas of the business?

Decisions for the Agenda

  1. Big Challenges
    Decision about which area or areas of the business you should focus on right now.
  2. Team Qualifications
    Decision on whether you need new skills in the company, either by training current employees or hiring new people.
  3. Choice of Advisors
    Decision about what type of advisor can help you with the main challenges that the business is facing.