Website & Ecommerce Workshop

This course examines the internet as a primary communication, marketing and commercial medium for businesses, and how entrepreneurs can effectively use this tool to execute their organization’s strategic plans.

Topics covered in this workshop :   

✅ Electronic commerce and e-marketplaces
✅ Online marketing and consumer behaviour
✅ Business-to-business e-commerce
✅ Search engine optimization
✅ Payment solutions and order fulfillment

… and more

At the end of the 2-day workshop,  participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Featured Webinar

Replay : Legal Matters For SMEs Webinar 

Watch replay of UCC BDCI Legal Matters for SMEs Webinar with expert guest  Attorney-at-Law Mrs. Cavelle Johnston who discussed some common but often misunderstood legal matters all SMEs should get clear on.


Previous Webinars

Reaching New Markets Webinar

The Jamaica Customs Agency, the Jamaica Manufacturer Association and the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority joined us for a discussion on the policies, procedures and opportunities in place to ready SMEs for the export market.

Bringing Benefits to Small Businesses Webinar

The Small Business Association of Jamaica joined us for a discussion on how they were bringing various benefits to small businesses through the services they provide.

Replay : Tax Filing Requirements for SMEs and Self-employed Individuals Webinar

Special guest Colin Coley , Business Development Officer at JBDC joined us for a discussion on the various types of taxes that small business owners & individuals should file when taxes are due.


Replay : Financial Opportunities for Small Businesses

The Exim Bank Jamaica & First Global Bank  joined us for a discussion on the various business loans & financial assistance they offer.