Accounting & Financial Management Solutions

What is ValueEdgeTM?

ValueEdgeTM is designed to deliver an effective suite of accounting and financial management solutions to MSMEs and help entrepreneurs and business owners achieve their missions.  The ValueEdgeTM suite of accounting and financial management service in its first phase includes the following:

  • Setting up the books of MSME clients using QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Updating books monthly.
  • Providing MSME clients with end-of-month financial statements.

The engagement begins with a consultation with prospective clients to evaluate their bookkeeping and accounting needs and develop an engagement plan. The prospective client may choose one of the following two options:

  • Setting up their company’s books in QuickBooks and training their staff to maintain the accounting system and company books (a one-time service).
  • Setting up company books with QuickBooks and perform the ongoing monthly maintenance of books on behalf of the company (Setup Books plus ongoing maintenance of books)

ValueEdge accounting and financial management service aims to meet the needs of many entrepreneurs and small business operators by allowing them to better understand how their business is performing, the resources needed to grow their businesses, and strategies to ensure the financial operations’ viability.

Value Proposition

ValueEdgeTM Small Business Accounting and Financial Management service will enable MSMEs to access proper accounting and financial management services at an affordable cost. 

By enabling MSMEs to track their expenses, sales and revenues, profitability, and cashflow, it serves as an indispensable platform for the effective management of their business operations and supports prudent business decisions.

By setting up a bookkeeping and accounting system to keep track of its financial transactions (from startup its exit strategy), MSMEs will have the tools to evaluate their operating performance and assess their financial condition and strengths. This is key to making prudent business decisions and effectively managing the business operation.

Benefits of ValueEdge

  • Meeting statutory compliance and governance requirements.
  • Conducting performance management.
  • Making sound business decisions.
  • Implementing proper budgeting practices.
  • Managing and controlling the use of key resources
  • Evaluation of investment plans.
  • Implementing financial planning and financing strategies.


 Getting Started

You need to compile the following documents and send them to us.

  • Bank Statements
  • Credit Card Statements
  • Expense Receipts
  • Sales Invoices

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